All over the world, music is the thing that unites everyone. This is the result of a soothing and entertaining feeling for it. That’s why everyone wants a taste for good music, regardless of language, race, gender, or religion. If you are a die-hard music lover, then you might be interested in my music blog, where you can reach many music lovers like you. Here we will study such topics like how to write about music and other writing and music tips.

Besides, the Sea Haven blog will help you write better impromptu speeches on music themes. It does not matter if you have ever tried doing it before, with our tips you will become a better speech and essay writer quickly. 

First, you will get an idea of how to brainstorm topics for speeches, choose the best one of them, and make it sound convincing and intriguing. Then, you will develop the ability to create abstracts for your impromptu speech, so that speaking in public would not be embarrassing for you. Finally, you will polish your thoughts to make them sound as powerful statements that hold the attention of the audience until the end of your performance. 

After training using the tips from our blog, you can become a speechwriter for your classmates, colleagues, and close friends. Eventually, it may even become your lifework. Could you ever think of combining your passion for writing and music in such a way? Now it’s possible if you have enough passion for working in the creative industry and develop your writing skills every day.

It also requires patience and time in order to get to the very zenith of travel. Therefore, you should be prepared to devote yourself to this course. When you have done everything that is described in SeaHeaven, then you can be sure of great success.

What Music Writing Can Give Us?

Let’s forget for a second that there are genres of “review” and “announcement.” There are no styles and standards of music journalism; there is no journalistic party, pitchforks, rollingstones, posters; no authorities, rules, and canons.

But there is a question – “Why?”. Why are we going to waste time and effort talking about writing and music, reviewing an album that we didn’t even create? Writing about music is like dancing about architecture?

There is no right answer to this question. Everyone will have their own goal. I’ll try to give a short guide to writing about music and the reasons for doing this type of activity:

For friends

An ordinary person liked a particular rapper’s album because it’s like ordinary rap and reggae, but somehow it normally shakes and pleases. He wants to share the joy with friends.

The goal is to introduce friends to your joy, to get joint impressions with friends.

The task is to give friends the opportunity to get these impressions too. To convey to them why a person got high from this and why they can get high too.

Do not write music essay introduction pompously and confusedly – friends will think that this is not addressed to them. It’s better just to say as you usually write messages to friends.

For colleagues

The musician listened to the new Bad Zu album. He liked the sound of percussion layers there. He wants to discuss with colleagues, find out their opinion.

The goal is to provoke colleagues to a discussion.

The task – using the language of musicians, to pay attention to musical techniques. 

It’s important not to mess with the writing and music terms. There is no need to write simply and clearly – colleagues will understand, but people outside the musical hangout will not be interested.

To enlighten

An expert in music heard a sample from Beyonce’s Isaac Hayes sample Walk on By. This sample gives the fat and juice there. “Oh, the people who listen to this understand that they are actually listening to a dude from the sixties!” He wants people to start hearing these references and turn to the original source to get high from both the old and the modern.

The goal is to help non-musicians hearing the origins become more erudite in music.

The task is to implement writing and music here, to show musical connections, offer to listen to the source, at the same time bringing other songs that draw inspiration specifically from Walk on By: at least Wu-Tang and Hooverphonic.

You should not go into the wilds – the ordinary reader will not understand; the goal will not be achieved.

To keep up to date

The direction of cloud rap is gaining popularity on the Internet. The editor of the popular media is tasked with getting readers up to date – what is it all about and how to understand it.

The goal is to help the reader cut into a new direction, at least at the level of maintaining the conversation.

The task is to explain the context, select characteristic compositions, and present them; explain what to look for when you listen; offer a point of view.

The main thing here is curation, that is, the selection of characteristic music and the introduction of the reader into the context. You can acquaint the reader with terms and persons, but only with the most necessary ones. An explanation of the origins of the genre will go well.

How to Describe Music in Writing

There will be many more options of gathering writing and music about it, but you should understand the idea: you can write about music for different purposes. What you read in books, magazines, and in the stylistics textbook are all cool, but these are just special cases.

For different purposes, there will be different tasks and tools. In one situation, you need a philistine writing and music language, in another – professional perspective. For one purpose, you need to present particular music, for another – optional. Somewhere you need to make a selection of the best track, somewhere – random track, somewhere you need to find an acapella. There is even a situation where it is necessary to roll up a huge sheet of self-digging text. Fortunately, publishing is optional.

For example, if you want your text to stand out among dozens of other similar ones, then writing without stamps is a good idea. Everyone writes like a carbon copy. But you will stand out. The goal is achieved. If there is no such purpose, then there is no need to clean the text from stamps either. This is not a question of “good” and “bad”. It is a question of goals and tools.

One of the most important things that you should be prepared for to deal with when studying writing and music when you are trying to put everything in its place is to study writing and music blogs in general. This means that you, first of all, should not narrow this matter down to music blogs only. Examine all the blogs to see what makes them go up. How they have been able to grow over the years and other vital information that should be able to help you get started properly. 

Always remember that the reader is subscribed to music publications, including yours. Lana Del Rey’s album comes out. Four publications wrote about “a characteristic cinematic sound with a pinch of modern Western hip-hop” and how “an American pop diva has matured”. Will you be the fifth edition to take this metaphor, or will you search for something of your own?