Now You Can Have The Best Apps For Writers

As the time moves fast, new tools and apps become available even for writers, people who used to work just with a pen and a piece of paper in hand. Today, writers-beginners and those who have a vast experience in text creation can master their skills with a lot of helpful programs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Creative Writing Apps for Android

  1. Inkredible

The first of the writing apps we would like to feature will definitely amuse you if you decide to try it out. It was created for writing with a stylus, so if you have one and use a gadget with a screen wider than the one of a smartphone, you will like it. It allows you to write by hand with different fonts and change backgrounds on lined or squared paper, for example. Also, if you have a problem with writing tight, Inkredible will help. As a result, you get nice handwriting in the digital form.

  1. Microsoft Word

An app launched by the digital giant is not as messy as it may seem. It has only basic features of editing and formatting now which lets you enjoy the minimalism and comfort of this program in your smartphone. Cloud sharing of the documents with other Microsoft Word users is also available. So if you have a novel idea, an app by Microsoft will be of great help. 

  1. Monospace Writer

Here is one more minimalist app for your information. If you like writing thoughtfully without any distractions – it will be a good choice for you. Besides basic formatting tools, this app allows organizing your texts by hashtags which can be useful if you run a blog with a few rubrics. Are you looking for the possibility of cloud saving your documents? You can do it with DropBox or Google Drive in this app.

  1. Writer Plus

It’s a highly-recommended app on Google Play due to its comfortable features. Here you can undo or redo your typed text, work in the night mode. If you could not find a character planner app for a long time, just know that  you can count your characters and words with Writer Plus. Creating a new document takes less than a second with this app and the organization of the old ones is also easy and helps you not to overload the app.

Creative Writing Apps for Apple

  1. Byword

Great apps for writers list cannot exist without this easy-to-understand program which helps you create texts and save them in a range of formats (not only txt but also markdown and its derivatives). Another useful feature you will enjoy working with is the ability to convert your documents in PDF or HTML formats.

  1. iA Writer Pro

This is not one of the apps to help write a book, but it will be useful for shorter texts, like blog posts or articles. You can work here in a full-screen mode which will help you to stay concentrated on your work. Also, this app allows you to process your writing the way you want for free. And last, but not least to mention is that it is comfortable for desktop as much as for a smartphone or a tablet. So if you wish to simplify writers work, app iA Writer Pro is quite a good option.

  1. Pages

If you are an Apple fan and looking for a program that will be like Word for Microsoft users, Pages is the answer. All we have to say about this app is that it is entirely compatible with all Apple devices as it was developed exclusively for them. Give it a try and you will not regret it. With this program, you will hardly need other apps for writers. Maybe, just the two next.

  1. App by dictionary.com

This tool will be very helpful if you are okay with your grammar and punctuation but seek a way to widen your vocabulary and diversify your language. An app is full of synonyms you can use to substitute the words you use often and even expand your daily speech. 

  1. Grammarly 

Even a free version of this program is great if you often make mistakes in your writing or cannot get used to some exceptions to the rules. This app allows you to copy and paste your documents for further grammar check or upload them instantly. Grammar, punctuation and style errors will not be a nightmare for you anymore, even if you are not a writer yet but often write emails, for example: just download a Grammarly extension to your Chrome and enjoy clear writing!

Apps for writers are not limited to the list we have shared with you. If you have experience of using these or other tools, feel free to share it in the comments.